About Us

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, and all of Florida

Founded in 1998, Dr’s Toy Store is one of the largest leading resellers nationwide for new and used medical equipment. Hosting a 10,000 square feet showroom located in Hallandale Beach FL, many local physicians often drop by to browse our new and used medical equipment in which they can save 40% to 70% on their medical equipment. Doing business worldwide adds to the prestige of the Dr’s Toy Store, shipping from as far as England and Argentina as well.

Meet The Team

Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump Our President
Our President

Alexis Sosa

Alexis - Doctors Toy Store Customer Service
Customer Service

Rafael Rodriguez

Rafael - Doctors Toy Store Technician
Engineer & Technician

Charles Madhoo

Charles Madhoo - Doctors Toy Store Repair Technician
Repairs & Shipping

Rob Raymond

Rob Raymond DTS President
DTS President

Tiffany Ceballos

Tiffany - Doctors Toy Store Customer Service
Customer Service

Anthony Correa

Anthony Correa - Doctors Toy Store Accounting

George Witherspoon

George Witherspoon - Doctors Toy Store Manager
Operating Manager & Sales

Nina Puentes

Nina Puentes - Sales
Sales Representative


Dennis - Doctors Toy Store Technician

Nestor Mancipe

Nestor Mancipe - Doctors Toy Store Autoclave Technician
Autoclave Technician