Cryosurgery machines can be useful in your office to put the application of extreme cold to terminate any diseased or abnormal tissue. Floridian doctor’s offices will find this machine useful when your patients have moles, warts, or other skin tags they wish to get rid of.

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  • Sale! Leica CM1510-3 Cryostat

    Leica CM1510-3 Cryostat

    $9,500.00 $8,500.00
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  • IMG_6885

    Ultrafreeze Wallach Refillable Cryosurgical Instrument

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  • LL100

    Wallach LL100 Cryosurgical Unit

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  • Wallach LLCO2 Cryosurgical Unit

    Wallach LLCO2 Cryosurgical Unit

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  • Leisegang-LM-900-Cryosurgical-System

    Leisegang LM-900 Cryosurgical System

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  • Leica-CM-1800-THY-ONE

    Leica CM1800 Cryostat

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  • Brymill-B800-CRY-AC-3

    Brymill B800 CRY-AC 3

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