A Doppler machine is used to check the velocities of blood flow in the cervical carotid arteries.
It can also be used to measure the blood flow in vertebral arteries, working via a non-invasive signal of ultrasonic scanning that utilizes the “Doppler effect.”
Doctor’s Toy Store offers medical professionals several choices in high-quality, high-performance Doppler machines at prices you can’t afford to miss out on.

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Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI Doppler Systems

SKU: 254689

Summit Lifedop L150 Doppler with Non-Digital Display

SKU: 4O9697
$550.00 $495.00

Summit Lifedop L250 Doppler with Digital Display

SKU: 567439

EDAN SonoTrax Vascular Doppler 8Mhz

SKU: sonotrax-vd
EDAN Sonotrax Pro Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor

EDAN Sonotrax Pro Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor

SKU: 18052

EDAN Sonotrax Ultrasonic Monitor, Fetal Doppler Baby Heart

SKU: 18053-1

Huntleigh Dopplex Assist Unit Fetal Monitor with Module Contractions Transducer

SKU: 07181456

Summit Doppler Vantage ABI System

SKU: 967854

Summit Doppler Vista AVS

SKU: 0710131


SKU: 500713

Hadeco Smartdop 20 Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector

SKU: 0710713

Nicolet Elite 100 Doppler Non Digital Display

SKU: 17855
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BioMedix PadNet Lab: Non-Invasive System For Arterial/Venous Testing

SKU: 123232