Fetal Monitor

Fetal monitors are used to examine the health of the fetus either internally or externally. These monitors also chart the maternal uterine contractions during labor in Florida. There are devices for singular births and also for twins, triplets, and etc.

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  • Fetal Monitor 145 Corometrics

    145 Fetal monitor Corometrics

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  • Sale! MDPRO MP-30 Fetal Monitor

    DTS MP-30 Fetal Monitor

    $2,600.00 $2,400.00
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  • Sale! MDPRO MP-40 Fetal Monitor

    DTS MP-40 Fetal Monitor

    $2,950.00 $2,540.00
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  • usg1

    Philips Series 50A M1351A Fetal Monitor with Toco Transducer

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  • Corometrics-116-Fetal-Monitor

    Corometrics 116 Fetal Monitor

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  • Corometrics-170-Series-Fetal-Monitor

    Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitor

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  • Corometrics-150-Fetal-Monitor

    Corometrics 150 Fetal Monitor

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  • Corometrics-118-Fetal-Monitor1

    Corometrics 118 Fetal Monitor

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  • EDAN-F6-Fetal-Monitor

    EDAN F6 Fetal Monitor

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  • EDAN-F6-Dual-Fetal-Monitor-Twins-FHR

    EDAN F6 Dual Fetal Monitor Twins FHR

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