There are a vast number of different kinds of scopes in use in the medical field. These scopes are used to help the doctor see internally into the patient to help properly diagnose an issue or disease. These scopes are very widely used and in Florida they are extremely important.

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  • clearview-video-laryngoscope-disposable-blades-1

    ClearVue Video Laryngoscope, Disposable Blades

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  • clearview-video-laryngoscope-reusable-blades-1

    ClearVue Video Laryngoscope, Reusable Blades

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  • Dts HD imaging System

    HD Integrated Imaging System, Video Endoscopy System

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  • Olympus CYF-5 Flexible Fiber Ctstoscope Scope

    Olympus CYF-5 Flexible Cystoscope

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  • Sale! styker-odfv-21-Vision-S-2

    Stryker SDC HD Digital Capture Device

    $1,300.00 $795.00
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  • Sale! Olympus CYF-3 Scope

    Olympus CYF-3 Flexible Cystoscope

    $3,595.00 $2,995.00
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  • Sale! Karl Storz 11277A Cystoscope

    Karl Storz 11277A Cystoscope

    $5,700.00 $5,200.00
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  • Olympus LF-1 Fiberoptic Intubation Scope

    Olympus LF-1 Fiberoptic Intubation Scope

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  • Olympus-CF-1T100L-Scope1

    Olympus CF-1T100L Scope

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  • Storz-Hopkins-ll-Autoclavable-Rigid-Scope-30-Degree

    Storz Hopkins ll Autoclavable Rigid Scope 30 Degree

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  • Richards-Rigid-Scope-0-Degree1

    Richards 70230910 Rigid Scope 0 Degree

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  • Olympus-ENF-1T10-Scope

    Olympus ENF 1T10 Scope

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  • Storz-Hopkins-Rigidscope-0-Degree-Scope

    Storz Hopkins 27018A Rigidscope 0 Degree Scope

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