A spirometer measures rate of airflow entering and exiting the lungs. This device is used in hospitals in Florida and all over the world. For a great price on a spirometer and to get an excellent product, be sure to go to drstoystore.com.

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  • Astra-100-Spirometer-795-2

    Astra 100 Spirometer

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  • Sale! Micro-Medical-Spirometer-3

    Micro Medical Spirometer

    $389.00 $360.00
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  • Schiller SP-150 Spirometer for sale medical equipment

    PC Spirometry SP-150 Sensor with USB

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  • Schiller SP-250 Spirometer for sale medical equipment

    PC Spirometry SP-250 Sensor with USB

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  • IMG_6364

    Schiller Spirovit SP-2 and Spirometer Calibration Syringe

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  • SP-2-2


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  • Schiller SpiroScout Ultrasound Spirometry System

    Schiller SpiroScout – PC Based Ultrasound Spirometry System

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  • NDD EasyOne Spirometer

    NDD EasyOne Spirometer System

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    NDD Easyone Plus Spirometer

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  • Schiller-Spirovit-SP-1-Spirometer

    Schiller Spirovit SP-1 Spirometer

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  • Easy-One-Plus-Spirometer

    Easy One Plus Spirometer

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