Stretchers are used so often and in every hospital throughout the country. They are used to transport a patient from room to room or from a scene of an accident to the ambulance and then to the hospital. A stretcher will never go without use and is always worth the money, you can never have too many stretchers.

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  • stryker-5050-stretcher-chair-2

    Stryker 5050 Stretcher Chair

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  • Sale! Biodex Echocardio Ultrasound Table

    Biodex Econo Echocardiography Ultrasound Table

    $5,995.00 $3,795.00
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  • Sale! Biodex Ultrasound Table

    Biodex Echocardiography Ultrasound Table

    $4,595.00 $3,395.00
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  • ferno stretcher

    Ferno Collapsible Stretcher Chair

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  • Sale! Winco-5851-Lifecare-Recliner

    Winco 5851 Lifecare Recliner

    $525.00 $384.00
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  • Reclining armchair / for healthcare facilities

    Winco 6530-6531 Recliner

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  • 6550-6551-Drop-Arm-CareCliner

    Winco 6550/6551 – Drop Arm CareCliner

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  • MRI Bariatric Aluminum Strecher non-magnetic

    MRI Aluminum Stretcher

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  • TMM5-TMM5-Fusion-Blue

    Transmotion Medical’s TMM5 Surgical StretcherChair

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    stryker bigwheel stretcher


    Stryker BigWheel Stretcher 101

    $3,995.00 $2,500.00
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  • Stryker-5050-Stretcher-Chair

    Stryker 5050 Stretcher Chair

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  • Stryker-Renaissance-Stretcher

    Stryker Renaissance Stretcher

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  • Ferno-30-NM-Stretcher

    Ferno 30-NM Stretcher

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