Adscope 658 Electronic Stethoscope



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ADC Adscope 658 Electronic Scope

With ADC’s Adscope 658 Electronic Stethoscope, you’ll hear sounds you may have missed with a traditional acoustic instrument. The contact-activated microphone filters higher-frequency background noises that typically interfere with auscultation, then amplifies heart and lung sounds up to 18x.

Noise Filtered
Our proprietary piezopolymer film microphone picks up sounds only when activated by contact. Filtering algorithms eliminate the higherfrequency background noises that typically interfere with auscultation.

Featuring ADC’s legendary Cardiology Series headset, the Adscope 658 is designed to provide a tight acoustic seal, minimizing sound loss and interference from external noise. We’ll send two sizes of our Adsoft Plus snap-on silicone eartips for a snug, comfortable fit.

The easy-to-use multifunction button controls the frequency mode (bell or diaphragm) and the volume (eight levels) and is conveniently located for effortless manipulation during the physical exam.

Power Smart
The Adscope 658 remains on and backlit while the unit detects use. The backlight powers down after sensing non-use for 15 seconds, and the scope shuts of completely after three idle minutes. The unit powers up instantly to resume an exam or begin a new one.

You’ll enjoy 20 hours of continuous use on a full charge – that’s about 400 three-minute exams. The battery strength indicator provides a visual reminder when it’s time to recharge. A micro USB cable is included.

The high-impact, space-age, thermoplastic housing withstands drops, bumps, and other impacts. Our premium Cardiology Series headset features stainless-steel aural tubes for day-in, day-out dependability. The Adscope 658 comes with a two-year warranty on the electronics (chestpiece) and a lifetime warranty on the headset.

At 30 inches and 175 grams, the Adscope 658 is just the right length and weighs less than our Adscope 601 Cardiology scope. Three pairs of Adsoft Plus eartips, two small and one large, are provided to ensure a comfortable fit. For patient comfort, the scope comes equipped with a non-chill diaphragm.


Technical Specifications

Model Electronic
Type 18X (24 dB)
Amplification Backlit LCD
Display Adult/Pediatric
Chestpiece Size 2” (5 cm)
Headset Cardiology Series
Tubing Type Bilumen
Binaural Spring Type Internal
Binaural Material Stainless Steel
Eartips Adsoft Plus
Tubing Length 19” (48 cm)
Overall Length 30” (76 cm)
Weight 6 oz (175 g)
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion
Accessories Included Micro USB cable, scope ID tag, tthree pairs eartips
Warranty Electronics: 2 Years Headset: Lifetime