Schiller AT-2 Plus EKG


 Schiller AT-2 Plus EKG

PDF: AT-2 Plus Eng

The Schiller AT-2 Plus EKG is Fully automatic, microprocessor controlled, 3-channel resting EKG. Includes rechargeable battery and plug-in power, built-in RS-232 interface to connect to your external printer.

  • Fully automatic, Microprocessor controlled
  • Resting ECG with built-in Myogram/Stabilizer Filters (SPF, SSF, SMF and SBS)
  • Includes Adult/Pediatric Interpretation
  • Full size reports (8.5″ x 11″ paper)
  • Built-in battery & printer

Internationally renowned ECG technology:

  • 6 channel real-time printout at 5, 25 or 50 mm/s
  • Automatic 6 /12 channel printout on one or two pages
  • Quick and reliable PC based interpretation and measurement program for adult and children ECGs
  • No need to repeat ECG recordings since the quality of the wave-forms is optimized by the SCHILLER smoothing and baseline filters
  • Save time and paper by simply monitoring all 12 leads on the integrated 3 channel screen


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